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Chambapongo Fire Station

Landscape and tradition vs Prototyped Architecture.

The project is located in Chambapongo, a small community to the east of the city of Salcedo, and was born from the commitment to bet on new construction models for public facilities in our country. In recent years we have become accustomed to the fact that several of the public service constructions are repetitive models that are being implemented in the territories regardless of the conditions of their environment or that of their next users. Thus, this project is conceived from the adaptation to the qualities of its immediate environment and the use of traditional construction methods brought to the present time in search of an optimization of resources.


Currently the population growth in the community of Chambapongo and in general in the entire eastern sector of the canton, generates the need to have equipment and services for citizen security and protection. In this sense, the construction of a Fire Station is the answer to this need.

The fundamental idea is the intention of working on the differentiation of the materiality of what is built against the natural character of the land. The intention is to achieve the least amount of land removal (excavations or fillings) and to generate a geometry that stands out from the natural character of the property through an abstract geometry.

Contractor: Decentralized Autonomous Government of Salcedo.

Design: Byron Cadena, Juan Pablo Navas, Dennise Santillán, Gustavo Abdo, Antonella Cañizares.

January 2018. Salcedo, Ecuador.

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